Diecast Kiwis

A diecast history of one race car .


In 1968 the Mclaren team released the M8A cancam car  for Bruce and Denny this is the story of Denny's car  Denny raced the car in the canam series in 1968 and won the  series with wins at  Elkhart lake; Edmonton &  Las Vegas  Model made by GMP


1969  The car was rebuilt to the M8B spec for 1969 and became the teams first spare car

and was used by Jack Brabham #15 in practice for the Michigan round and raced in the race by Dan Gurney #1 where Dan finished third Behind Bruce & Denny for the teams first 1-2-3 finish

at Laguna Seca ferrari driver Chris Amon #3 used the car when he had problems with the Ferrari (imagine Mclaren or Ferrari doing this now) at the last race of the season at Texas Speedway Bruce Mclaren used the car to win the race and second canam title for himself and a second Canam title for the car Model Dan Gurney  and Bruce Mclaren by GMP can be modified to Chris Amon and Jack Brabhams car's


1970 The car was sold to lothar Motschenbacher who raced it untill the round at Elkhart Lake where he crashed and the car was badly damaged model by GMP


The car then was rebuilt as a show car for Goodyear fitted with body work from a M8D and painted in Denny's colours the car then reapeared at MOTAT in Auckland the car was taken away to be restored but proved a daunting task for the guys doing the work and the work wasnt done the car was rediscoved by members of the Northern Sports Car Club who Bruce Mclaren had been a life member the car sat in the clubrooms for a long time due to a dispute over ownership the car would still be there today if the Bruce Mclaren Trust had not been formed all parties involved with the car agreed that the trust should take ownership of the car The car is now nearing the finish of a complete rebuild and will be seen in action on track days and at displays resplendant in orange as it was in 1968

Model  Dan Gurney M8D by GMP modified with decals from Indycal decals to became the show car